Has the Olympics been good for Northern Ireland business?

What impact has the Olympics and Paralympics had on local businesses?

Olympic runners


Did you know that companies from Northern Ireland have won main and supply chain contracts totalling more than £40 million?

Of the 40 companies involved five have been involved in the construction of the Olympic Park.  Supply of architectural metal work for the Olympic Stadium, supplying temporary buildings for the basketball venue and constructing the Central Park Bridge on the Park are some of the local company achievements.

Pre Games Training Camps

With a wide choice of sporting venues to choose from athletes from around the world have been training around Northern Ireland.

Chinese athletes were welcomed by Lisburn City Council and a group of eight athletes and coaches were welcomed in Antrim for a three week pre-Olympic Games training Camp. The venues included such places as Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Banbridge Amateur Boxing Club and the City of Lisburn Salto Gymnastics Centre.


One of the obvious spin-offs from the Olympics is tourism and with large numbers of visitors to the UK it is expected that Northern Ireland will benefit from an in-flux of people wanting to ‘pop over the pond’.

With exciting new tourist attractions such as the Titanic centre and the new Visitors Centre at the Giants Causeway local businesses should be in for a bumper summer – never mind the weather.

Has your business benefited from the Olympics?