‘Brother’ produces Britain’s ‘last typewriter’

Brother, the makers of the last typewriter to be built in the UK have said they will donate the machine to a museum, bringing to an end the 130-year history of the machine in Britain.

Brother Typewriter

The end of an era for the typewriter!

The Wrexham based factory has produced 5.9 million typewriters since opening in 1985, but demand has now fallen to the point where it was no longer financially viable to keep making the machines.

The typewriter will be housed at the London Science Museum in the future, joining 200 other machines in the museum’s collection.

The Deputy Managing  Director at Brother, Phil Jones, said the typewriter still held “a special place in the hearts” of the public.

“Because of this, and the typewriter’s importance in the history of business communication, we felt that giving it a home at the Science Museum would be a fitting tribute,” he told the BBC.

Typewriters including the iconic Remington were widely used from the late 19th century onwards, and fell out of favour with the invention of the computer.

Do you still use a typewriter?

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