Did you all enjoy the recent spell of warm weather – what about your employees?

You may not realise it but whilst there is a minimum temperature required for the workplace there are actually no parameters available regarding an upper limit!

How do you keep your employees cool?

How do you keep your employees cool?

Now I know that we don’t exactly have too many days sunshine in a year, never mind days when the temperature actually reaches double figures, but on those few occasions that it does it could have a negative impact on your staff.  A working environment that is too warm could mean that staff  under-perform as they start to overheat and if left unchecked they could ultimately suffer from heat stress.

So how do you keep your employees cool during those warm spells?

  • Install or rent air conditioning units
  • Open windows to let air circulate
  • Close blinds to provide shade
  • Prevent dehydration by installing Water Coolers
  • Use free standing fans to circulate the air
  • If all else fails why not have ‘Lollipop’ breaks

Why not have a look at the Health & Safety Executive website where you can get information on ‘What the Law says’ regarding temperatures in the workplace


How do you cope working in a hot office environment?

What is your best tip for cooling down?