Do you need help with your reports?

I received a call late on Wednesday afternoon from a Rep who works in the motor industry uk-motor-industry-jpg-opt652x434o00s652x434who needed urgent help with the completion of his monthly reports. After a face-to face meeting with him on Thursday to review the type/layout of his reports I have spent all of today preparing the documentation for him from audio files that he recorded on his phone and emailed to me.

At the end of one of his voice notes was this lovely message – it just made my weekend!

“Really appreciate your help, you have been great, and I am delighted with the reports, they are just fantastic.”

So just by using the following equipment and software I was able to set up a system whereby his reports can be completed and submitted on time!

  • Mobile phone – voice recorder
  • Email
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Word document

How do you prepare your monthly reports?

Do you have access to admin support to help you?

Remember you can outsource most of your admin tasks to VPA-NI