Employees spend an hour a day on personal admin

How do your staff spend their day?

Personal 'To- do' List

A recent survey completed amongst 2,000 staff indicate that whilst most of them spend up to 88% of their day completing work related tasks, the remaining 22% is spent on personal tasks such as checking on-line bank accounts, updating their status on Facebook, or managing their personal admin – read the full article here.

So what does that mean for you?

Sometimes potential clients are put off by what appears to be a high rate being charged by Virtual Assistants, but when you consider that they will commit 100% of their time to working on your project it may actually prove to be more cost effective in the long run.  When you also factor things in such as, no equipment costs, no space requirements, no HR costs, no sick/holiday pay, etc. it definitely starts to look more attractive.

With more Virtual Assistants coming on-line there has never been a better time to review how your office tasks are being completed.

Why not have a look at the ‘Approved VA’s’ on the Society of Virtual Assistants website.

How do you deal with employee downtime?

Should you review how your work is being completed?