Going digital – it isn’t just your television signal that can be switched from analogue to digital!

Whether you are a busy Executive on the move, a Consultant located in a hospital or a Manager working at your desk you need to know that your dictation can be heard, and understood, clearly.

Digital dictaphone

Old style transcription equipment relied on the user talking into a handheld Dictaphone in which a small cassette recorded everything onto a tape, eventually the tapes became stretched and worn which would distort the speech and introduce a ‘hiss’ and other strange noises during playback – but don’t worry the latest generation of digital dictation equipment removes those problems.  With digital Dictaphones there are no tapes to worry about, no tapes getting lost and no transcription machines breaking down!

Working on the same principal, i.e. the user records into a handheld Dictaphone, the sounds are saved digitally which ensures that crystal clear audio is transmitted during playback – including all those little paper shuffles, sneezes, coughs, etc.

When you have finished recording you simply upload the digital files to your computer either using a USB cable or a docking station and then send them via email, or file sharing programme, directly to the transcriptionist.  Remember that you may need to consider encrypting any data and emails that may contain information of a sensitive nature.

So the digital file has now arrived with your transcriptionist who will be able to use the software on their PC to listen to the recorded information.  They will have a headset to listen to the audio files and software that will allow them to open and control the audio file by means of a foot-pedal.  The software will include features such as speeding up/slowing down playback, increasing/decreasing volume, stop/start controls using a foot pedal, length of recording, length of recording remaining and some software even allows you to fade individual speakers out of multiple speaker recordings.

So is it time that you considered switching to digital dictation?  The benefits to you and your transcriptionist are immediately measurable as you will be able to work more efficiently and you will save money in the longer term as no consumables need to be purchased.

Have you switched to digital yet? 

What does your transcriptionist feel about going digital?

Digital switch-over

Are you ready for the digital switch-over?