How do you keep active in the office?

We all know being sedentary and sitting at your desk for hours on end is not the ideal way to spend your day and is also not good for your health.  So what do you do?

It seems that everyone is trying to advise us of the best way to work, or supply us with the latest piece of equipment that will help us be more productive – could these three tips help you?

Stand whilst working

More and more studies are suggesting that we should all get up and move around the office for at least 2 hours a day and recent studies have suggested Untitled-1_2833095bthat people who sit down for long amounts of time are more likely to get chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  What’s the alternative?

Well have you heard about the new craze for adjustable workstations where you can sit or stand depending on your mood.  We can’t guarantee it will make you more productive but you will be heads above everyone else!!

Would you want to stand whilst working?


78324392_XSNever heard of deskercise?  These are exercises suggested for staff who can’t be away from their desk for any length of time.  They include fidgeting, wiggling, jiggling, arm stretches, wrist stretches, facial stretching, neck stretches, back workouts.

Now whilst your health might benefit from wiggling and jiggling around I can’t guarantee that the colleague next to you will appreciate all that distraction!

Maybe you should leave the suit at home and come to work in your gym gear!!


Glass-of-Water-On-Desk-iStock_000016252097_MediumOur brains are 85% water and depend upon a constant flow of water in order to work properly. As little as a 2% water deficiency can cause the brain to slow down and lose focus. This leads to a lack of awareness, poor concentration, and poor short term memory (sorry what was I saying???). When the body and brain are refreshed and hydrated, they are able to function clearly, and perform to their full ability.

But how productive are you when you are constantly running to the loo or catching up on all the gossip by the water cooler!!

So how do you keep active in the office?

Do you take regular breaks?

What is your best tip?