How do you record what is discussed?

My newest client from the Lisburn area was holding an HR meeting and wanted advice on how to accurately record what was being discussed. We looked at two options:- meeting-704x318

1. Attendance of a Minute Taker who would take handwritten notes during the meeting and then prepare a report of what was discussed, plus any action points.

2. Record the meeting and send the audio files through for transcription.

After considering both options they opted to record the meeting. This allowed for free and open discussion without an outsider being present, which some people can find very distracting as they make their notes. The audio files were then transferred via a shared folder, transcribed in an ‘intelligent verbatim’ style, and returned to the client the next day.

Their response? “Yes we got them, they look great.”

I don’t know if they will need any further support but at least they now know the level of service that is available from VPA-NI.

How do you record what is discussed at your meetings?

Have you considered recording your meetings?

What is your best tip for making notes of what is discussed?