How much should I pay for audio transcription?

So how much does it cost to have an audio recording transcribed?

You have a 15 minute audio recording that you need transcribed – so that should only take 15 minutes to type up?  Wrong! 

In fact we speak 4 times faster than we can type so a 15 minute recording will actually take at least 1 hour to transcribe (plus 15minutes to proof).  Other factors which can increase the transcription time are:

  • the quality of the recordingaudio desk
  • the clarity of the speakers
  • the subject matter
  • the number of attendees
  • style and format

There are several ways to price the transcription, including:

  • per audio minute
    (clear precise pricing for the client)
  • per hour
    (relying on transcriptionist to produce work in a timely manner)
  • per word/paragraph/page
    (factors such as font size, page format, etc. will affect final price for client)

At VPA-NI we use the ‘per audio minute’ method to price up all work.  This ensures that each client knows exactly what the final price will be – not a vague hourly estimate.

If you would like to find out more about the audio transcription service
please call Heather on 07796 570850.