I have received three requests in the last month from people who want to become a VA – but I won’t be helping all of them. Why?

When I first set up my business back in 2007 there were very few people offering this type of help-and-advice service and even fewer places to go to, to carry out any research.  Today, there are a host of websites offering information such as how to write a business plan, how to create your website, best use of social media, advertising and marketing, tax and accountancy issues … the list goes on.  Then there are the industry specific websites and forums such as the Society of Virtual Assistants, VA Coaching and Training, International Virtual Assistants Association, BeMyVA … a quick Google search will bring you up a lot more to choose from – so today’s aspiring VA has a wealth of information already available at their fingertips.

The reason I became a VA was to offer professional secretarial and admin support to individuals and organisations.  A VA needs to be able to carry out basic research in order to run their own business and also to provide support to their clients.  Now whilst you can’t have everything in place when you first start out, there are certain basic processes that you should have considered and implemented right from the very start.

I am more than happy to share my journey and experiences with any aspiring VAs – have a look at the following three request – which do you think I responded to?

1.     Hi, I want to become a VA what do I do?

2.     Hi, I want to become a VA as I have been a PA for a number of years and am ready to make the next step.  Can you give me any advice?

3.     Hi, I want to become a VA and I have just created my website and I hope to launch by the spring.  Could you tell me what the best software is to track your work for billing, how do you deal with diary management, what about call answering?

Would you share your business journey with any of them?

How do you carry out your research?