Introducing the ‘Mobile Secretarial Support Unit’

Some people find it stressful being away from the office environment.  They need to complete work quickly, they have deadlines to meet, but they don’t have access to the equipment to allow them to carry out the work.

Do you need to complete work away from the office?

Do you need to complete work away from the office?

This was the case for my latest client, who regularly commutes between Brussels and Northern Ireland.   They needed urgent assistance with the preparation and collation of some documentation, so I quickly assembled my ‘Mobile Secretarial Support Unit’ – this included the following equipment – a laptop, colour printer, trailing socket, A4 paper, folders, binding machine, laminator and even a stapler, and we were able to complete the task and submit the work promptly!

Some of the tasks that can be completed by the ‘Mobile Secretarial Support Unit’ are:

  • Word processing
  • Document printing
  • Document binding
  • Laminating
  • General administration and filing

So remember even if you aren’t in ‘your’ office you can still get work done – just call Heather on 07796 570850 to find out more.

How do you cope when you are away from the office?

Could you use the Mobile Secretarial Service Unit?