Laptops and Flip-flops.

I need a holiday – but I need to be there to run the business! 

Everyone needs a break, whether it is an afternoon off, a long weekend, a two week summer break or time off for any other of the other seasonal dates listed on the holiday calendar, but what do you do about your business?

Laptop on beach

What do you pack in your suitcase?

You could always pack your Smartphone, Laptop, Ipad, and whatever other bits of technology you can get into your suitcase along with your sun-cream and your flip-flops, but do you really want so spend your holiday checking up on what is happening back at the office?

The most basic areas of concern are that no-one will be able to respond to customer queries and that you will return to a mountain of mail in your ‘in-tray’ and ‘In-Box’ – but have you ever considered …

Call Answering

We all know that most people do not like talking to machines, and others get irritated having to leave a message on voicemail, when what they really want is to talk to a human being.  Why not consider having your calls answered during your absence. With plenty of call answering services to choose from you can see which works best for you.

Things to consider:-

  • Do they offer you a trial service?
  • Do they allow you to dip in and out when you need cover?
  • What hour’s do they cover, 09:00-17:00 or do you need a 24 hour service?
  • Consider forwarding your calls to a Virtual PA who can deal with your customers on a professional level.

Mail Drop

Can the postman access the building to leave your mail, packages and parcels while you are away?  Will anyone be able to sign for Recorded Delivery items?  Why not consider using a Mail Drop service.  There are ‘mailbox’ facilities and ‘virtual office address’ options to choose from.

Things to consider:-


‘Out of Office’ messages are quick and easy to set up but customer queries will not be dealt with until your return.  Have you considered forwarding your messages to a Virtual PA who can respond to any incoming emails so that they won’t be sitting clogging up your In-Box?

Things to consider:-

  • Remember to set up your ‘Out of Office’ message before you leave the office.
  • Include details of your absence and when you intend to return
  • Have your emails forwarded to a Virtual PA who can deal with them in your absence.

So after sorting out how your customers can continue receiving great customer service you can finally relax and enjoy that well earned break!

What do you pack in your suitcase?

Have you got a plan in place to keep your business running while you enjoy your holiday?