Saying goodbye to a client can be a difficult time.

Losing a client can be a difficult time for any business – so why am I happy about losing this one?

Shaking hands.

Saying goodbye to a client.

Paul first contacted me in 2009 as he needed access to professional secretarial and admin support but he did not want the responsibility of employing staff again.  It didn’t take long to identify how I could best support him and in a very short space of time we had developed a great working relationship.

I loved preparing his general letters, quotations, valuations and property brochures and when he was off relaxing on his annual holiday I was happy to step in and deal with whatever other tasks I could.  He gave clear direction on what was needed and when it was needed by – I must say he was a pleasure to work with.

Paul has now decided to merge with another company and rather than be downhearted about losing a client I feel proud that I successfully supported him over a 4 year period and am absolutely delighted that he will continue to develop his portfolio and will carry on in business.

I now have a better understanding of the property market and who knows,  if a similar client comes on board  I may be able to use some of that knowledge to support them!

Don’t treat losing a client as a negative – just look at what you gained from working with them.

So with my warmest wishes Paul – all the best for the future.

How do you deal with losing clients?