Top tips for keyboard shortcuts when creating a Word document.

Are you someone who prefers the mouse or the keyboard?

When chatting with a client recently they raised their frustration at having to continually take their hands off the keyboard to use the mouse when working on a Word document – so I put together this little cheat sheet for them for some of the most common tasks.

You can use them individually, or combine as many as you wish like this (CTRL+ CTRL+I CTRL+U)    keyboard

To complete this action Shortcut keys

(to stop just select the same keys again)

Type in Bold CTRL+B
Type in Italics CTRL+I
Type in Underline CTRL+U
Copy selected text or object SHIFT+► to select, then CTRL+C
Paste selected text CTRL+V
Undo last action CTRL+Z
Redo last action CTRL+Y
Move to the beginning of the document CTRL+HOME
Move to the end of the document CTRL+END
To move to the end of an existing Word document on opening



To open a new Word document CTRL+N
To open an existing Word document CTRL+O
To save a Word document CTRL+S

Do you prefer using the keyboard or the mouse?

How do you format your documents?

Why don’t you share your ‘Top Tip’ with us?

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